About Numobi

There is no Plan B. There is no Planet B.

And we are helping to realise this conviction. Making driving an electric vehicle as accessible and transparent as possible - that is what it is all about. And we are doing this with our affordable, all-in leasing offer. With electric cars, but also with charging station solutions, a smart charging configuration and a reliable network. To accomplish this, ENGIE, Arval and 50five e-mobility, two of the largest players on the energy and mobility markets, have joined forces to improve the world, together with an entire community.

A community that does not saddle the next generation with these problems, but that wants to take action itself. Now.

We make driving electric the new normal.

About Numobi

Who are we exactly?

Numobi was born out of a partnership between energy supplier ENGIE and the leasing specialist for company vehicles Arval. Together, we give companies, governments, and private individuals simple, hassle-free access to electric driving. To this end, we are introducing the first fully integrated leasing offer. The all-in-one leasing price includes the leasing of an electric car, a charging station, installation and maintenance and a charging pass + app.

The Numobi brand combines the innovative power of a start-up with the expertise and strength of established companies. With our offerings, we are simplifying and accelerating the integration of electric vehicles. And that means the user enjoys greater driving comfort while society enjoys cleaner air.


This global energy and services group is playing an important role in the energy transition - the evolution towards a low-CO2 world. For this company, investing in cleaner electricity solutions is one of the elements for realising this energy transition.

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About Arval

Arval, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Group, is one of the largest leasing companies in Europe. Within BNP Paribas, Arval is part of the core business of Retail Banking. Arval manages some 1,200,000 vehicles worldwide and is active in 50 countries, 29 of which are in Europe. Expert advice and high-quality service are highly valued at Arval. Arval is also a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, the longest-standing strategic alliance for fleet management on the market.

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About 50five e-mobility

50five, a subsidiary of ENGIE, has been active in the installation of charging stations for some time. They do this for both the private and the business market. For Numobi, 50five e-mobility provides the preparation and execution of the installation. Afterwards, it also provides support in case of malfunctions and maintenance. The intensive cooperation between 50five, ENGIE and Arval continually aims to optimise the customer journey. A technically sound and safe installation with personal attention for the drivers is what you can expect from 50five's services.